Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What's that I hear??

Ahh, the sound of silence. No pitter patter of little feet scampering around, toys being played with, or Little Einsteins singing. Why? Because Jake is taking a NAP! That may not sound like a big deal to some, but it has been over 2 months since he has taken a nap in his crib. One day he was taking 2.5-3 hour naps, and the next he stopped all together. It didn't happen without protest - those hours while he slept were too precious to me. They gave me time to get some housework done, catch up on phone calls I needed to make, do some online research etc. (Or lay on the couch, catch up on my DVR or FB, maybe take a nap of my own - but we won't mention that LOl) I continued to put him in his crib each day, hoping that one day he would magically start napping again. He had other ideas. He would walk around his crib, work on his jumping/bouncing skills, discover new noises, throw things out of his crib, etc. The one thing he did NOT do is sleep. The only way I could guarantee he would nap was to get in the car. He would be asleep before we even made it out of our subdivision. Unfortunately he would only sleep in the car. As soon as I tried to take him out and bring him in the house he would wake. So if I wanted him to nap I'd be stuck driving around- or parking in the shade and reading a book. Not exactly peaceful or productive for me. I would usually resort to one of these car naps after several days without a nap or after an especially early wake up. Otherwise we'd get into a vicious over-tired cycle and his night sleep and demeanor would begin to suffer. This also makes it difficult to go anywhere in the afternoon as he is bound to fall asleep before we get there. I have been hoping that once we got started with his 3 hours of ABA he might get tired enough to nap again.
     Well today it finally happened- after an hour of playing around, just before I was ready to get him out,  he fell asleep! And slept for 3 hours!!! The combination of not napping in over a week (no car rides) and working with his teacher must have finally gotten to him. I have no idea if/when it will happen again, but it gave me some hope. Maybe he will actually start napping again, maybe not. But for one afternoon I relished in having a few hours to myself. A few dishes were washed, some laundry was put away, and there is a little more space on the DVR ;)

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