Sunday, September 30, 2012

Under the weather

J hasn't been feeling 100% for the past few days. As I mentioned on his first day of preschool he woke on Thursday with the beginnings of a cold. Today is Sunday, and it is still lingering. Friday morning his made it through OT early in the morning, but you could tell he was hovering between extremes of being very happy and completely miserable. JT arrived at 9 for his ABA session. As I watched from the video monitor I could see that they were having a rough time. J wasn't interested in doing any work, and was doing a lot of whining and crying. After half an hour it was obvious that we weren't going to accomplish much. JT left and I let J relax and watch some Little Einsteins. I also cancelled his ST that afternoon. Instead I took him for a ride and he took a nap. I figured he needed the rest more than fighting against any therapy for a day. We laid low this weekend, and J actually took a 3 hour nap in his crib today(thank goodness as he woke before 5:30 this morning!). That is a sure sign he's not feeling well! I am hoping that he wakes feeling more himself tomorrow.
    This is one of the times that I find his not being able to communicate with us the most difficult. I wish more than anything that he could tell us what is wrong. I hate that he has no way of telling us that something hurts or is bothering him. He can't tell us if he is upset or scared, and he has no real way of expressing his wants or needs right now. He often takes our hands and brings us to what he wants, but sometimes we aren't sure just what he is asking for. Right now he doesn't get too frustrated, but I don't expect that to last for too much longer. I am hoping that we will be able to help him communicate more effectively with us soon, be it with language, signing, or PECS. I want him to be comfortable and happy, and for him to feel as if we are here for him and understand him. I love my guy more than anything, and will do all I can to make his life and easy and fulfilling as I can.

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