Thursday, October 4, 2012

School Days

After getting off to a rocky start last week, J had a great day at preschool today! This was his first full 1.5hr day. I was a bit nervous about how he would do. On Tuesday when I dropped him off for an hour he was clingy and shed some tears when I left. JT said he stopped for a while and didn't start again till they put his coat on. He spent most of that day attached to JT.
    Today was better right from the start. When we arrived he immediately took off to explore and I was able to leave without any tears. JT said he played with some toys and that he was checking out the other kids. He sat on her lap at story time and didn't get antsy till the end. He also sat independently at the table and played with play-do, and sat and ate snack with all of his friends. He even did a hand over hand art project! At the end they went outside to play and JT said he ran all around. He was a little upset when they had to go back inside  so he was a little whiny when I picked him up, but  JT said that was his only fussy period. His preschool teachers said what a great job he did, and he even waved good-bye to them!
    After the short drive home J and JT went right upstairs and got to work. We both thought he might be too tired to do much, but she was able to get through some trials and he did well. I am so proud of J! He did such a great job with everything today, and I was impressed with him. It definitely gives me hope of great things to come.
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