Saturday, October 13, 2012

Doctor visits, Baths and Haircuts Part 1

    There are 3 things in life that J hates and that cause him stress. They are baths, doctor visits, and haircuts. We got to experience all 3 this weekend. Lucky us LOL
    J had his 2 year well visit today. We saw the same NP we saw for his 18 month well check she was the first person to recommend that we have J evaluated for Autism. I am thankful every day that she didn't take the "wait and see" approach. I had called early intervention after his 15 month visit. They had approved him for speech and a SEIT once a week, but no one ever mentioned autism. I had my suspicions, and was thankful that my concerns weren't brushed aside. I credit her for getting the ball rolling. She was happy to see J today, and was pleased with his progress over the past 6 months. Going over his accomplishments was definitely the highlight of our visit. The rest, not so much.
    J has always hated being weighed and measured at the doctor's office. I can't say I blame him, as getting on the scale often makes me want to cry, but I'd like to think I handle it a bit better ;)  They make us strip him down to his diaper, and put him on the scale. He has always cried for this, and it has become increasingly difficult the stronger and larger he has gotten. Once he was able to sit on the scale he started trying to climb off and get to me. They always make me step away in an effort to keep him from reaching out to me, but that doesn't really work. He cries, he screams, and he gets himself completely worked up. Our current pediatrician's office doesn't use a digital scale, so it usually takes then a few minutes to get a weight on him. I was hopeful for today's visit since once they hit 2 they have the children stand on the scale. Unfortunately he still had to strip down to his diaper. I don't know if this was the cause of hits stress or not, but he was NOT standing on that scale. We tried sitting him on the other scale, but that just increases his anxiety. In the end my husband had to hold him and stand in the scale, then he had to stand on it by himself and they find the difference. Thank goodness he had the day off today, as I may have busted out the tears myself  if I had to do that! Since they couldn't get a height off of him from the scale, we had to lay him on the table, which he hated equally a much. Again I was thankful to have DH with me, as I often feed off if J's anxiety and stress a bit myself. We were to distract him for a while with some Bubble Guppies, and he was calm and happy while we chatted with the NP. All was going fine until shot time. He had a flu shot and a finger prick to test for lead. Needless to say, he was not happy for either of those. I can understand crying for the needles. I wish there was something I could do to ease his anxiety over stepping on the scale. He isn't due for any sites at his next 2 visits, so hopefully they will go more smoothly. We have 6 months to prepare.
Getting weighed at 1 month

and 1 year


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