Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finding a balance

When autism was first brought up in relation to J I made it my mission to learn all I could about it. I bought several books and started researching various therapies. I subscribed to many blogs by parents of children with autism, and started reading them from the beginning. Essentially I lived and breathed autism. As my husband and I wound down watching a TV show at night, I wasn't paying attention - I was too busy scouring the web for any information that I thought would be useful. While it is definitely essential to become educated and explore therapy options, I believe that I could have gone about it at a slower pace.
Around October I hit a wall. I would sit down to try and read a book and found myself rereading the same paragraph over and over because I wasn't absorbing it. I began to resent some of the stories I was reading in different blogs - their child is doing X therapy and getting Y results, why isn't J? I stopped visiting some online forums as frequently and avoided talking as much about ASD. I ignored my own blog. I was burnt out. Not by my son, but by my crazed quest to learn all I could in the shortest amount of time possible. I took a step back and let myself regroup. I still want to learn all I can about autism and do everything in my power to help J reach his potential. I just need to go about it in a more reasonable manner. I am ready to read and write blogs again, and I have a book that I am actually looking forward to reading. (yes, about yet another therapy lol) I just need to keep a healthy balance of seeking out information and giving myself some down time. And, of course, spending time with this awesome little guy.
J and his new Handy Manny doll. He doesn't watch the show, but hasn't wanted to put this guy down :)


  1. Welcome back! I missed you! He is gorgeous as always :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I have gone through a period of autism burnout too following our diagnosis. My Sophie was diagnosed in August and I think the grieving process is done for me (for now anyway). I learned that like you said, it's all about balance. Who knows where this journey will take us, but your son seems to be such a sweetie. My oldest' name is Jacob too :)

  3. I know what you mean. Do I need to say more?